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We have fought for the safety of the county and we won.

Now we turn to the newest problem that endangers us, heroin. We are supporting the efforts of our Coroner and our law enforcement to solve this problem.


When our County Commissioners planned to kill a proposed crime lab in 2013, Michele Young chose to take a stand as a concerned citizen. She brought in bipartisan leadership to support the Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco in reviving the effort. Republicans and Democratic leaders came on board. This effort helped break through the gridlock that prevented the county from moving forward on a new crime lab. Our effort was so successful that the expression "Keep Hamilton County Safe" is now a campaign slogan and for a Republican Commissioner who support a new crime lab.

Our organization continues to support our Coroner and our community. We now support helping our Coroner and law enforcement find solutions to the heroin pandemic.

Keep Hamilton County Safe continues to believe in it approach to solving these these problems through bipartisan effort work with leaders to find common ground.

Founder Michele Young
Hamilton County Coroner
Lakshmi Sammarco